Carry out analysis and study in areas such as:

  • Economic feasibility of new projects or
    major capital expansions.
  • Market size and trends, competitive
    profile as well as consumer needs.
  • Potential distribution modalities.
  • Strategic marketing plans.

Assess companies' operations and worth with respect to:

  • Acquisition or disposal of assets.
  • Availing new financing sources.
  • Partnership or ownership changes.
  • New capital infusion.
  • Merging or splitting prospects.
 Assist local companies in becoming listed and quoted at the
     Beirut Stock Exchange (Bourse).
 Provide prospection and evaluation services for new venture
  • Negotiate technology transfer and
    technical know-how agreements.
  • Set up new ventures between local
    and/or overseas partners.
  • Help foreign business firms getting
    established in Lebanon.
  • Search for investors to participate in new
    projects or existing companies.