CIR carries out recruitment of college graduates for supervisory,
managerial and executive positions exclusively. The search
process is structured as follows:

Client identifies need and describes vacancy.

CIR discusses and agrees with Client on:

  • Job profile and description to include:
  1. Job requirements (Checklist will be
    provided by CIR).
  2. Technical requirements (Checklist will be
    provided by CIR).
  3. Experience requirements (Checklist will
    be provided by CIR).
  4. Dimensional requirements (Checklist will
    be provided by CIR).
  • Compensation package.
  • Search universe and sourcing restrictions if any.
  • Time schedule and interviewing process.
 Above is validated by a written assignment confirmation
     issued by CIR and counter-signed by Client. This document
     signals the search start-up date and specifies all terms and
     conditions agreed upon with Client.
 CIR will network, contact and interview potential candidates.
     Qualified applicants are thoroughly evaluated and reference
     checked. Two or three finalists will be submitted for Client's
     assessment and selection.
 Offer preparation and compensation negotiations with chosen
     candidates will be done in coordination between Client and CIR.

General terms and conditions:

  • CIR accepts recruitment assignments on a retainer
    basis only i.e. it is given exclusivity by Client to fill the
    required position during the search period specified in the
    assignment confirmation. Any candidate identified by
    Client should be referred back to CIR for proper
    processing and evaluation as part of the underway search
  • Search time varies depending on nature of assignment,
    but usually ranges from 6 to 8 weeks. If finalists are
    identified earlier, they will be submitted to Client for
  • CIR's usual fee for a search assignment is 15% of the first
    year estimated total compensation of the hired individual.
    However, special rates would be offered to multiple search
    assignments and to Clients with whom CIR has repetitive
    or ongoing business relations.
  • Upon signing by Client of assignment confirmation, a
    downpayment becomes due to CIR, representing one third
    (1/3) of the estimated total recruitment fee. This retainer
    downpayment is not refundable nor transferable. The
    balance of two thirds (2/3) becomes due upon closing of
    the selected candidate (offer acceptance) and hence,
    CIR's assignment is completed.
  • Performance Guarantee:

    CIR undertakes to replace any selected candidate who
    is no more employed by the Client within three months of
    hiring date, whether through termination or resignation,
    provided his departure was for good and just cause
    (including substandard performance or work desertion)
    and not for reasons inherent to the Client himself.
    Replacement will be made at no extra charge for same
    position, with same job profile and compensation package.

 If desired by Client, CIR can provide psychological and
     character assessment to successful candidates through an 
     associated Industrial Psychologist. A separate fee will be 
     charged for this additional service.